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In early fall of 2015, we begin working with Vince Kunasek to design our dream home -or perhaps, re-design our dream home is a more accurate statement as we had purchased a house that was distressed and in much need of repair and update. Our contractor, Erwin Shepard (Shepard Homes) –an outstanding builder and man of integrity, strongly encouraged us to contact Vince and request his support in creating plans. We had previously built a home with Erwin and were very pleased with the result; however, a remodel was a totally new concept to us.

We had no idea what to expect of the design process, from how much plans would cost, or how time-intensive the process would be. To say we were cautiously skeptical is an understatement as we had many questions… Did we need an actual licensed architect? Could the plans accurately depict what we wanted? Would the time and expense be worth our investment?

The first time we visited with Vince, he came to our home and walked with us through each room, listening to our ideas and asking us critical questions about the current and intended use of space, how we spent our leisure time, etc. He took the time to get to know us and understand our vision, scope and limitations. With this information, he went back to his office and carefully created a set of plans that embodied our intentions.

The next time we saw Vince, we came to his office for an hour-review of these plans. He had told us a number of these visits would be necessary to ensure we were satisfied with the final process. With busy work schedules and teens in the home, we had initially been very reluctant to sign up for this part of the process. After the first visit, we quickly changed our minds. As we set in the comfortable high-back chairs in Vince’s boardroom, viewing the computer-aided design projected on the wall before us, we were very impressed. Vince had got it! He had measured all the rooms, listened to words, and created our dream home.

In the weeks to come, we meet on a number of other occasions, each time making adjustments and minor changes, many of which Vince would do on the spot, right before our eyes. This was an invaluable activity as we were able to actively engage in the process of designing our home. Vince was always patient and kind, knowing when he needed to interject –no you can’t just remove a support wall!; and, understanding when to be silent –yes a woman’s closet really does have to be that big! What we had anticipated would be boring and onerous, was actually fun and somewhat therapeutic as we were living in a broken home. Stated simply, Vince gave us hope that together, WE would build something remarkable.

When construction actually started, there were minor changes and some early adjustments that needed to be made. Although part of the process, this was all new to us. Any concerns we had were quickly allayed in the knowledge that Vince was only a phone call away and, if needed, would be willing to make a site visit and provide input. Watching the plans come to life was an exciting cumulation of a lengthy process.

In summary, we should add that after the plans were completed, and before construction began, we took a set to one of our fathers who is a retired professional civil engineer and asked, “Dad, do you think we should run these by an architect before we get started?” After carefully reviewing the plans he laughed and stated, “No, no one needs to review these plans but whatever you paid this man (Vince), it isn’t enough… this is really outstanding work!”

Thanks to Vince Kunasek, an exceptional visionary who just happens to also be a skilled designer -what was once a broken house has become our dream home!

- Lori Lothringer, Ph.D.

Rich and I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did designing our home. We were very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail your design program offered. The Virtual Walk Thru gave us a true feeling of being in our home and imagining living in each and every space. We also truly enjoyed the experience of working directly with you on the design. You gave us so many great suggestions, recommendations and guidance, you listened patiently and offered advice to help us work through all our various options. As in our previous home you designed, you offered a fresh perspective, great ideas that got us thinking about alternatives we had not previously considered. We were amazed by the final outcome, it is exactly what we were looking for. We feel very confident our new home will be built exactly as we dreamed it would.

- Rich & Debbie

I use Vince for all of my drafting needs. I bring all of my ideas to him and he brings my vision to reality. Even if you come to him with no direction in mind his great ideas and creative thinking is sure to help you create a masterpiece! He is professional and has great communication skills. Very easy to work with. I do not hesitate to refer him to clients or friends. I know that he will get them taken care of and they will be more than happy with his work! I will continue to use Vince for all of my drafting needs.

- Anderson Drywall Inc.

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